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Made by Musicians for Musicians

Buying a music computer can sometimes be an expensive mistake resulting in countless hours of lost productivity, lost income, and lost clients. Most computers are designed for multi-purpose personal or business use like running Microsoft Office, organizing photos and surfing the web - they are not optimized for digital audio production and the additional stress that puts on computer hardware. MusicXPC is dedicated to making computers for media professionals and markets to them through traditional music retail channels. This gives our customers the greatest selection for peripherals and pricing. In buying a MusicXPC you can expect to receive the first class support of our technicians and the many decades of experience in the music technology trenches they have.

Our computers are tested and tweaked with state-of-the-art audio and MIDI hardware interfaces and software that musicians and audio engineers use daily. We've tested audio peripherals under rigorous conditions to ensure they perform as specified when connected to a MusicXPC. To do this we optimize Microsoft Windows 7 by turning ON the services you need and turning OFF the ones you don't. Advanced security is built in to every music XPC through the inclusion of a progressive recovery program that makes your workspace a robust and forgiving place to create.

MusicXPC computers are designed, built, tested, and guaranteed to work in your production environment. Your environment should not have an office computer at its nerve center. You need power, speed, reliability, and rock solid performance to complete your projects on budget and on time, every time. So don't take our word for this, see what our loyal customers say - they use the computer that rocks. MusicXPC computers bring power with peace of mind.

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